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Cleanroom Training


All of our Mobile Cleanroom projects start with creating a three-dimensional concept. These drawings are incorporating our clients’ comments and develop a pretty detailed needs assessment. Those always include our clients’ existing equipment. At this stage, we’re trying to identify the number and the size of the rooms your cleanroom requires. We then start considering …

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Compounding Solutions


 The consequences might be fatal for the personnel that handles HDs on daily basis in the R&D laboratories. Our Safer Compounding Solutions provides complete protection because It has built with a strong engineering control. Isolators: Our XLTC isolator isolates the personnel from the HD exposure that might happen in the process of compounding pharmaceuticals for …

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risk of exposure to hazardous drugs


Although most pharmacy personnel will say that the highest risk of exposure to hazardous drugs is during the compounding process, we feel that there is an even greater risk of exposure to hazardous materials during shipping and receiving. Under the current regulations as well as the upcoming USP <800> the hazardous materials are usually ordered …

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Making TPN compounding safe


In the last couple of years, we have recorded a serious upswing and increase in the use of automated IV preparation systems. Their popularity is directly linked to their ease of use since they combine barcode scanning and Digital image capture to ensure safer and more efficient compounding processes. With the increase of use of …

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pass through chamber


This StageThru800 is a negative pressure, isolated, Pass-through, CVE  device that is intended to provide a significantly safer way for incoming shipments to be staged and prepped for entry into the hazardous drug compounding area. his equipment is designed to provide a protective barrier for the operator.  It is not iso-classified.  It is not appropriate for …

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Making TPN compounding safe


When renovating a cleanroom, or creating one from non-cleanroom space, understanding the details — of the site, building, planned research, and equipment — is essential. Cleanrooms are like race cars. When properly designed and built, they are highly efficient performance machines. When poorly designed and built, they operate poorly and are unreliable. The cost of cleanroom varies …

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Making TPN compounding safe


Whether isolator or cleanroom-based working areas, if we’re talking about both sterile and hazardous sterile preparations we recognize the first source of contamination and exposure risk.  The first known is actually outside of the cleanroom and is the pre-cleaning station. In the hazardous drug area, we like to see packages from shipping and receiving brought …

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Aseptic Enclosures Blog


With two in house agreements with Premier, Inc. Aseptic Enclosures now allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier. The base of the supplying contracts covers a wide range of Primary Engineering Control Devices (I.V. Hoods, Isolators, Bio-Chemical Hoods, and Laminar Work Benches) in addition to Pharmacy Planning and …

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