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Under the USP 800, an anteroom is defined as “An ISO Class 7 or cleaner room” where personnel hand hygiene, garbing procedures, and other activities that generate high particulate levels are performed. The ante-room is the transition room between the unclassified area of the facility and the buffer room. USP 800 requires ante-rooms to produce …

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Compounding Solutions


 The consequences might be fatal for the personnel that handles HDs on daily basis in the R&D laboratories. Our Safer Compounding Solutions provides complete protection because It has built with a strong engineering control. Isolators: Our XLTC isolator isolates the personnel from the HD exposure that might happen in the process of compounding pharmaceuticals for …

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Developing an effective compounding strategy


Developing an effective compounding strategy is critical to ensuring patients have access to properly compounded medications, but because each organization’s needs differ, a one-size-fits-all solution cannot be applied to every hospital. A careful evaluation of the institution’s requirements, the available infrastructure for compounding medications in-house, and any registered 503B compounding facilities in the vicinity with …

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risk of exposure to hazardous drugs


Although most pharmacy personnel will say that the highest risk of exposure to hazardous drugs is during the compounding process, we feel that there is an even greater risk of exposure to hazardous materials during shipping and receiving. Under the current regulations as well as the upcoming USP <800> the hazardous materials are usually ordered …

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  Lately, 2 women have reported that they can relate their birth miscarriages to their job and the work environment they are employed in the chemo – cancer treatment clinics. Besides these reports, there have been several other complaints where other personnel-related their illness to the 503(b) facility they are working in. As we see …

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Developing an effective compounding strategy


Whether isolator or cleanroom-based working areas, if we’re talking about both sterile and hazardous sterile preparations we recognize the first source of contamination and exposure risk.  The first known is actually outside of the cleanroom and is the pre-cleaning station. In the hazardous drug area, we like to see packages from shipping and receiving brought …

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pass through chamber


The StageThru800 is a negative pressure, isolated, Pass-through, CVE (Containment Ventilated Enclosure) device that is intended to provide a significantly safer way for incoming shipments to be staged and prepped for entry into the hazardous drug compounding area.

Developing an effective compounding strategy


With two in house agreements with Premier, Inc. Aseptic Enclosures now allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier. The base of the supplying contracts covers a wide range of Primary Engineering Control Devices (I.V. Hoods, Isolators, Bio-Chemical Hoods, and Laminar Work Benches) in addition to …

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