Compounding Capabilities during Cleanroom Renovations


When renovating a cleanroom, or creating one from non-cleanroom space, understanding the details — of the site, building, planned research, and equipment — is essential. Cleanrooms are like race cars. When properly designed and built, they are highly efficient performance machines. When poorly designed and built, they operate poorly and are unreliable. The cost of cleanroom varies …

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Compounding Capabilities during Cleanroom Renovations


Whether isolator or cleanroom-based working areas, if we’re talking about both sterile and hazardous sterile preparations we recognize the first source of contamination and exposure risk.  The first known is actually outside of the cleanroom and is the pre-cleaning station. In the hazardous drug area, we like to see packages from shipping and receiving brought …

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Aseptic Enclosures Blog


With two in house agreements with Premier, Inc. Aseptic Enclosures now allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier. The base of the supplying contracts covers a wide range of Primary Engineering Control Devices (I.V. Hoods, Isolators, Bio-Chemical Hoods, and Laminar Work Benches) in addition to Pharmacy Planning and …

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Hepa filtration systems


The HEPAcirc™ is a Hospital/Pharmaceutical Clean Room Grade, air purification upgrade system. It is ideally suited for simple implementation into existing areas. It can get the job done without the need for major, sometimes impossible, construction.

pass through chamber


The StageThru800 is a negative pressure, isolated, Pass-through, CVE (Containment Ventilated Enclosure) device that is intended to provide a significantly safer way for incoming shipments to be staged and prepped for entry into the hazardous drug compounding area.